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How to Help Real Estate Agents Overcome Burnout

As a coach, you will be tasked with helping many of your real estate agents overcome burnout.

Some clients may self-identify as suffering from burnout. Others may not be aware that the symptoms they are experiencing are a result of burnout.

Burnout symptoms include, but are not limited to:

 - Decreased production

 - Agitation

 - Difficulty concentrating

 - Downplaying accomplishments

 - Attributing accomplishments to outside sources rather than their own efforts

 - Physical manifestations (stomach upset, headaches, frequent colds or infections, exhaustion, weight gain or loss)

- Increasingly negative talk about clients, co- agents, transactions and real estate

- Feeling defeated, that they will never “crack the code” of real estate success

Burnout tends to last longer and the cause may be more difficult to pin-point than typical short-term work stress every agent experiences at times.

Should your clients be exhibiting any of the signs above and you believe them to be indicative of burnout - you must try to ascertain what is its primary cause in order to help them redirect their thoughts and actions accordingly.

Common causes of real estate agent burnout and corresponding coaching assistance include:

Lack of Control: It is not uncommon for agents, especially new agents, to struggle with the lack of control they believe they have over their business, clients and time. 

Coaches will focus on helping clients learn to consistently fill their pipeline, set boundaries with clients, time blocking, and setting systems in place. 

Activity Extremes: Juggling more clients than an agent believes they can handle, navigating transaction issue after transaction issue, and working long days and/or nights would wear on any agent. 

Coaches will work with their clients on fine-tuning or putting systems in play, delegating, outsourcing, team building and time blocking.

Disconnect with their Brokerage or Broker: Agents need to find a good fit with their broker/brokerage. Some agents feel lost or at undervalued in highly competitive brokerages, where others may lack motivation in non-competitive ones. 

Coaches will help their clients identify what type of environment they would thrive in while suggesting they address their discomfort with their existing broker and/or research other brokerages.

Work Life Balance: Real Estate can be all encompassing if agents allow it, leaving little energy to spend with friends and family or on self-care. The uncommon real estate work hours (nights and weekends) don’t help. 

Coaches work with agents to limit their work days to income-producing hours, to delegate, time block, schedule in time for both socializing and personal time, practice mindfulness, and stress the importance of regular physical exercise, meditation and sleep. Moreover, coaches will ask clients to question if they overly identify themselves, and therefore their self-worth, with their job, and if so, help them regain perspective

It is very possible that you have personally experienced burnout at some time in your real estate career. Share your experience with your clients, it will deepen your connection and help assure them that burnout can be turned around. 

And remember, words are powerful. When coaching your clients, your first discussion as to what they are experiencing will reference burnout - but moving forward it might be helpful to replace “burnout” from your vocabulary. When one pictures something burnt-out, such as a burnt-out car or building, it is a vision of total destruction. You are not going to be driving that car ever again. Utilize words such as “overworked”, “overburdened”, “overstimulated” or “drained”. These words imply a temporary, as opposed to permanent, condition - one that could be problem-solved through.

As a real estate coach, identifying burnout in your clients is paramount. Without question, burnout is the cause of many agents leaving our industry each year.


Katherine Scarim is a writer for Real Estate Agents and Coaches. She is the Founder of Agent Strong Real Estate Coaching, Broker/Owner of Island Bridge Realty, and Author of Before You Are Licensed:13 Actions to Jump Start Your Real Estate Career, Dear Real Estate Agent: There Are Answers and How to Quit Real Estate Sales and Continue Collecting Commissions for Life Connect with Katherine on LinkedIn.

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